Chris Quistad, Hospice Chaplain, St. Paul, MN
As a chaplain I have used the Perfect Gift Books over and over. I have seen faces of dementia clients brighten and engage even though they cannot verbally communicate. These books have brought tears to eyes of those who felt no hope for the future. They have given clients a way to connect with God again – through creation and through scripture. They have calmed those who are anxious. They have brought fond memories of the past, letting clients be lost for a moment in their precious memories. I have been amazed in the dead of a Minnesota dreary winter, what life it can bring to look at God’s beautiful creation of flowers. Spring will come again. There is hope!

I would recommend these books for all chaplains, pastors, friends, and nurses who want to touch lives. They create discussion and uplift the soul in a simple, spiritual way. They calm and bring assurance that one is not alone.


Dory Reiman, Teacher
These books have been in the process for most of LaCinda’s life. She has always applied Biblical scriptures to all phases of her life. Secondly, she has developed a love of taking pictures of as much of nature as she possibly can, from majestic, snow-covered mountains to intricate tree bark and tiny flowers. We have a running joke that since she kills all plants, I’ll grow them and she’ll take pictures of them. When she puts these two passions together into her books, the results are beautiful and meaningful.


Deborah Mandigo, Pastor’s Wife and Worship leader
As a pastor’s wife I’ve seen a lot of life’s difficult situations. I also know that God’s word can help during these life altering times. That’s why I love these books. You are able to decide on which one is appropriate for whatever your family member, friend or co-worker is dealing with and then rather than say a lot of “cliché” you can embrace and support them and then leave the book with them. It will uplift them with the beautiful pictures and encourage them with the Word of God. What I like even better is that unlike fresh flowers these won’t fade or wilt and the book can continue to be available as long as they need it. Another reason I love these books is because sometimes we are separated from loved ones and we would like to “do” something for them. These books can be shipped directly to them so they can have a tangible gift showing our love & concern.


Betty Miller, Friend
Life can be overwhelming sometimes with death, relationships and health issues. I love to sit down with my book and look at it when I need to refocus. The pictures and scripture verses bring me Peace and Joy. They also remind me that I can Trust the Lord with all that is going on in my life. I realize again that He is in control.